Sunday, April 1, 2012

On the way home Friday, I decided to take a little diversion.  Traffic was terrible.  Cross winds were gusting. I was tired form a long week.  I know a back road that leads to a nice long dirt road and eventually home.  No camera, only my cell phone to take pictures with. Why not.

Stopped here to air down the tires
This little path was gated... damn looks like fun too!
After a boring ride down a long straight paved road, I arrived.  Dirt, relaxing dirt, savior of my sanity.  About a quarter mile in, I stopped on a small bridge to air down the tires.  I didn't document any of the trash here, but there was plenty.  I'll never understand why people think they can trash land they don't own.  Selfish bastards.

This road is known for ruts, potholes, mud and sand. Exactly what I needed to blow off steam from the work week!  I'll let the pictures do the talking from here.

Native grasses under a transmission line right-of-way

A rare example of a "Low Country Hill"
Sparrows and sand
The Mighty Edisto River

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