Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cudos for Cuddo

So, I had a chance to visit the Cuddo Unit of the Santee National Wildlife Refuge a few weeks back.  It's sort of a drive through "nature fix" if you will.  It's quite lovely though.  Established in 1941, the SNWR is a haven for migratory birds and other wildlife.  It's managed well, kept clean, and the roads are in good order.  Beyond that, the birding is excellent, it's filled with native plants and offers much to the outdoor enthusiast, including hiking, cycling, canoeing/kayaking and of course dual-sport fun. 
The entrance is clean, if not lack luster.

 I rode in and was greeted by a massive field.  Perfect secessional habitat for birds and neat animals and insects that need that kind of thing. I saw blue birds, morning doves, Turkey vultures and a black racer. It just kept getting better after that.  Forested wetlands, vernal ponds, lakes, streams, wildlife galore!  I'll head back soon, with my bicycles wildlife lens, and family. There is plenty left to explore!

massive field just inside the entrance gate. Forested wetlands in the background.
lovely field and wooded habitat

small pond and fresh water marsh

The beautiful Lake Marion

Grassy field with Lake Marion in the background

Peaceful little trutle
The local wildlife Star on display for the tourist

Good nite Cuddo Unit